Do you have walls in your home that need repair?  Are you frustrated every time you look at the wall damage, and wish you would take the time to make a simple phone call and have someone come out and give you a free estimate on repairing your walls?  Whether your walls need repair due to rain damage, mold, accidentally putting a hole in your wall, or burst pipes, The Wall Doctor serving all of Orange County, CA can help.

Drywall Repair Orange County

If you have holes in your walls, in addition to being an eye sore, they can actually pose a health problem as well.  Bacteria and germs will grow in your wall, and will continue to grow and multiply until you have those walls repaired.  In addition to bacteria, mold will start to grow, and for those of you who are sensitive to mold, headaches, coughing, rashes, and difficulty breathing may occur. Just save yourself the potential health risks and get your walls repaired as soon as possible!

The Wall Doctor  has been repairing interior walls of residential homes since 1983.  If you are in need of restoration, The Wall Doctor will work with you and your insurance company to ensure a smooth wall repair process.  The Wall Doctor’s goal is to provide quality workmanship and excellent client service 1-year guarantee is offered on all wall and plaster repair work.  Call for a consultation and quote at 714.681.5364 and get those damaged walls repaired today.

Plaster Repair Orange County